The Rail Pub

Posted: March 20, 2009 in Uncategorized

For our first barstination, The Rail was an easy choice. It’s the Cheers of Savannah if Cheers was a former brothel with an obsession with St. Patty’s Day,  paper bagged Miller Lite 40’s, free peanuts, a long railroad tie serving as a foot rest, and crazy promos like Helium Kareoke and a Jack Daniel’s 250th Birthday Bash planned for September 25.  Our husbands even play on the bar’s sponsored traveling dart team. We took it as a good sign that Swanee, the owner, gave us free shots to celebrate the start of our Barstinations (even if they were just leftover St. Patty’s Day shots that she wanted to get rid of). People showed their approval of the project by buying us shots all night long, so we ended up blurring our Happy Hour into Happy Midnight. The coolest aha moment? Realizing barstination gives us the perfect excuse to ask the bartenders dorky questions that we never would normally have the balls to do. Patrick, the upstairs bartender, explained that “the people make the bar what it is ultimately going to become.” We like that theory and with this Barstination project, will test it as we try to reveal each bar’s personality to you so we can all decide which bars we want to be best friends with.


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