Double feature: The Distillery and The Guitar Bar

Posted: March 27, 2009 in Uncategorized

Feeling extra rambunctious, we headed to the new Distillery Bar-to me, probably the coolest bar in Savannah with live jazz funk on the weekends, new beers on tap and bottle monthly, with 90+ choices offered at any given time. I feel instantly sophisticated when I come here, but the vibe is not snobby–more like stepping back into a classier time when everyone dressed up to go out and all men were gentleman. They also know their beer: Our waitress asked us what type of beers we each liked, and then made recommendations for us: Triple for me (my new favorite), Allagash White for Cotton, ad Stone Pale Ale for Hummel.

Me: “Mine has big flavor and hit all the right spots.””Cotton: I wish I could find a man that could do that.”

After our best beers in town, the hubby’s met up with us so we could all visit the Guitar Bar for the first time together. You walk in and think ‘dirty hippie hangout’  as 2 black labs greets you at the door, hookahs hang off the walls, and a half-dressed mannequin that looks suspiciously drunk stares down at your from atop the bar. After we made buddies with Andy, the bartender, we instantly felt more accepted as he made us free grasshopper shots and demonstrated the man-shot (snort salt, lime in eye, drink tequila, and get bitched-slapped at the end). “If that’s what it takes to me manly, I want to be a woman”-Hummel’s huband. Make sure you meet Elaine, the sole remaining Jewish owner left on the block, and have her string up a real apple tobacco hookah (she might even partake as she did with us). 4 out of 6 of us were Hookah virgins, so the cracks were endless:

“Solider down”-Hookah pipe fell out

“I just suck?” -Hummel’s husband

“Where’s Kay?” Giant Hookah hid me.

“This is my third love”-Kay’s husband (after me and red rock opium in his past life)

“We’re hookah’en”-Hummel

“God bless the [Barstination] book” -Kay’s husband

We ended the night listening to the best musical duo I have ever heard live-a couple playing violin (her) and guitar (him). Oh, and we did the Sonic drive through and stuffed ourselves (“I’m having Sonic’s baby tonight!”-Hummel). While waiting, we had the anal sex conversation-who’s done it (Cotton), who hasn’t (Hummel), and who wants to (the men), and Cotton offered “the guy was pinkie-sized so I didn’t feel it in my butt.” Just another fuckin’ awesome Barstination night, making the Guitar Bar my favorite live music bar.


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