The Beginning

Posted: August 12, 2009 in Uncategorized

Cotton keeps telling me to dive in to this blog, so I thought I would start at the beginning….

You know how every group of friends talks about opening a bar/restaurant? Cotton’s husband dreams of this still, but for now, we feel like we own a tiny piece of all the bars we visit/draw/write about. Here’s how the project started…

Monday night of St. Patty’s week this year we were riding down to B and D Burgers Southside for beers (why when we were getting up the next day for St. Patty’s festivities at 6am? Don’t ask me.), and Cotton was talking about her next project idea…Sketching Savannah. She decided to start the next day when we claimed our end-of -the- St.- Patty’s- parade spot at 6am (of course drinking Kaluha and coffee). Since there is so much to do and see in Savannah, we thought, Why not focus on just the bars at first since they are a big part of the attraction, history, and culture of Savannah? I mean, we have the second largest St. Patty’s celebration in America, AND we are one of only two American cities (New Orleans being the other) that you can walk around downtown with an open container! Crammed in the back of Cotton’s little Toyota Tacoma backseat while the hubby’s sat up front and told us to pipe down, we squealed at a high pitch as we hurled ideas out:

“Let’s call the project Barstination.”

Let’s go every week to a different bar.”

“I’ll take notes, you can sketch, and Hummel can take pics.”

“This is so f***ing cool/original/genius!”

We have been at it every since, starting with a list of 52 bars and will narrow it to the 25 bars that we love the best and feel most represent the Real Savannah.


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