Crystal Beer Parlor

Posted: December 15, 2010 in Uncategorized

Crystal Beer Parlor is by far my favorite place to start my drinking at in all of Savannah. They have the friendliest and most knowledgeable staff, and you feel like they remember you each time you come in the door. They just started their Tuesday Night Pint nights, where you get one free pint glass if you buy a beer from the brewery they are featuring that month. I love this concept for several reasons: 1) I love beer (2) I collect glasses (3) it shows support for different breweries (4) it forces me to try new beers (and I use the word force loosely here) and (5) it gives me an excuse to go out on a Tuesday night.

We came to Crystal Beer Parlor for my birthday last week, and not only did the owner come over and personally thank us for bringing a big group in, he also bought me and my co-birthday partner in crime a free beer-anything we want (and I like the expensive Belgium stuff).

Although a bit out of the way, this makes me like Crystal Beer Parlor even more. The old time feel, great staff, and wonderful beer selection only second to the Distillery makes it my place to start off any night in Savannah. By the way, if you want a base to start your night of drinking, order any of their burgers–gooey deliciousness that makes your bun soggy (in a good way!).


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