Our Incredible Planning Day

Posted: March 19, 2011 in Uncategorized
Savannah Barstinations Mockup Page

© Rachel M Cotton 2009-2011

After 2 years of planning, thinking, and talking, we have taken a huge step forward in the development and planning for the book.  Shawndra and her hubs drafted the most amazing query letter for us to send out to our list of publishers.  A perfectionist with her words as I am with my art, we are going to make such a great team.  The creative energy seems to roll off of us and almost circulate in the air between us. We have marketing plans, we have our baby goals, our longer term goals, and even goals for the future all mapped out.  And isn’t that the hardest part of life sometimes – figuring out what you want.  The only question after that is how to get it.

I have created the first mock up sample page, and I am so excited about the possibilities. I believe it is totally possible to convey the atmosphere, the character, and the energy of a place through a page, and I intend to prove it with this book.  For me this is an exploration of the ability to visually convey the spirit of a place.

We have also applied for a trademark for the word Barstinations. How funny to think that a crazy idea about boozin it up and partying two years ago has blossomed into a more mature idea of nurturing the local economy while introducing tourists and locals alike to places they may never have experienced otherwise. A visual celebration of the art, architecture, and character of Savannah so carefully and lovingly constructed even locals will want copies for their personal libraries. Bam!

Well, the query letters are out, and as the St Patty’s celebration continues this weekend, we await the incredible offers that are soon to come pouring in… Positive, positive, positive.


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