About the Project

What is this book project?

Savannah Barstinations is a collaborative project by Shawndra K. Russell the author and Rachel M. Cotton the artist.  We are creating an experience within the pages of a book that express and share the character and unique qualities of the top 25 locally owned bars & pubs.  These are the hidden and not-so-hidden jewels of true Savannah culture.

Tell Me More

Savannah Barstinations is a book project with a final product that will serve as a “drinker’s guide” to one of the greatest drinking cities in America–one of only six U.S. cities that allow people to have “to-go cups” so you can walk from place to place with a drink in hand–the other five being Butte, Montana, the Power & Light District of Kansas City, Missouri, Las Vegas Strip, Downtown Memphis, and New Orleans (can you say sequels?). Grab your to-go cup and take a walk around historic downtown Savannah with us as we get this project off the ground and turn it into a must have book for tourists and locals alike. Follow our ups and downs as we create the project and the project creates us.

The Art

Artistically, our vision is to create a sketchbook / photo album feel that communicates the atmosphere and character of each individual place so that the reader can intuitively experience the place before physically arriving there.  The artwork is a combination of art, photography, and exquisite design.  In addition to being a reference book, Savannah Barstinations will be an artistic experiment in the visual communication.

Positive Economic Implications

The tourism industry in Savannah is one of our most profitable industries in this area, but many locally owned pubs and bars don’t reap the rewards of this industry due to financial constraints in marketing dollars. We aim to help promote these establishments to allow people to find the real Savannah experience.

  1. Russ says:

    Let’s go boozin’!!

  2. Tori says:

    I can’t believe it! This project is so evolved from the last time I heard you talk about it!!! Which was like 2 years ago!!!! ahhhh, I’m so proud of you. I miss you so much (large tear 😦 and I need to see you and cotton again soon. Congrats on the blog, the beautiful sketches and the project as a whole. keep it up.

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