What is Your Favorite Bar?

People, we are good, but contrary to popular belief, we are not Gods. Help us out here. What is your favorite Savannah bar?

Now when we say BAR, we don’t mean RESTAURANT. We mean at 10:00 things are bumpin’. We also don’t mean CLUBS. Although clubs are fun and great and all, this book is not about them.  This book is about the local dives and hangouts of Savannah.  The places you can chill with your homies and a brewsky, you know?

So spill it. Your favorite bar. Share a story about the place, but play nice!

  1. Russ says:

    Oh, Rail Pub, how I love you. I really don’t even want to say how great this little place is because it would keep the fire marshall on permanent patrol there. Talk about a buzz kill. I love friday happy hour at the Rail, where you can come as you are, have a great time, and hang with the regulars. Do this enough, and you will soon be welcomed into a bizarre little clique of Savannah’s finest social drinkers. Come with an open mind, and leave with a smile–that’s the Rail.

  2. murray silver says:

    As a fifth generation Savannahian who has been baptized in every bar in town, I go to certain establishments according to my agenda: If i want to go old school, the Crystal or Doc’s on Tybee; if i’m entertaining guests from out of town, the Mansion; if i’m in search of a craft beer experience, the Distillery. I wouldn’t be caught dead in Pinkie’s or Kevin Barry’s or anywhere on River Street save the Cotton Exchange when Jean is behind the bar or Rocks on the Roof. The finest wine cellar in Savannah is at Elizabeth on 37th.

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